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Welcome by the Independent Chair

I was appointed as the new Independent Chair in  September 2022 after 17 years of safeguarding experience in my previous role,  I am excited to take on this new role.  My focus going forward will be on the Voice of the Community, helping to encourage prevention strategies across all partners to reduce risk and I want to ensure the profile and learning from the board and its vibrant sub-groups, helps to inform and develop best practice across agencies with the aim of improving outcomes for the most vulnerable. In addition, I am very pleased to announce that Andrew Brown, Chief Executive of the Croydon BME Forum, has agreed to take on the role as the Vice Chair of the Board and is also passionate about taking the progress of the Board forward.

The CSAB held a Development Day in February 2023 and the focus and outcomes for the day was to:

  • Review the relevance of the 3-year strategic plan in a changed Croydon.
  • Reflect on the impact of world events over the past 20 months
  • Reset the SAB’s focus in light of our experience
  • Refresh the SAB working together culture
  • Revise the SAB priorities to represent the needs of the Croydon residents
  • Require commitment from all SAB members

Priorities for 2022/23 were agreed as:



Quality and Improvement

Working in Partnership

Making Safeguarding Personal and Voice of the Croydon resident to become a common threads through sub-groups alongside Communication & Engagement.

The CSAB ensures there is effective communications with Croydon residents, between professionals, agencies and  different Boards and Partnerships.

The CSAB continues to work closely with the Croydon Safeguarding Children Partnership in order to have oversight of cross cutting safeguarding agendas such as transition between children’s and adults services.

David Williams


To raise a concern about abuse or neglect, please use the online form.