What do we do?

The CSAB is a multi-agency partnership which has statutory functions under the Care Act 2014.

The main objective of the board is to assure itself that local safeguarding arrangements and partners act to safeguard adults at risk of abuse in Croydon.

Who is an adult at risk?

See the Safeguarding Adults Categories of Abuse page


What does the board do? 

The board has three main duties under the Care Act:

  1. It must publish a strategic plan for each financial year, that sets how it will meet its main objective and what the members will do to achieve this. The plan must be developed with local community involvement, and the Safeguarding Adults Board must consult the local Healthwatch organisation. The plan should be evidence-based and make use of all available evidence and intelligence from partners to form and develop its plan.
  2. It must publish an Annual Report detailing what the Safeguarding Adults Board has done during the year to achieve its main objective and implement its strategic plan, and what each member has done to implement the strategy, as well as detailing the findings of any safeguarding adults reviews and subsequent action.
  3. It must conduct any safeguarding adults review in accordance with Section 42 of the Care Act.

In order to meet these objectives the board acts as follows:

  • Agrees and reviews multi-agency, safeguarding adults policy and procedure for protecting vulnerable adults (taking into account statutory requirements), national guidance and, local policies
  • Maintains an annual business plan, setting priorities for preventing and addressing abuse of vulnerable adults, and produces and disseminates an annual report.
  • Monitors incidents of abuse and neglect, reviews trends, and acts where appropriate to improve services and support to vulnerable adults.
  • Regularly evaluates how agencies and providers safeguard vulnerable adults, by introducing rigorous quality assurance and scrutiny systems across partner agencies.
  • Agrees a serious case review protocol and reviews and learns from situations where safeguarding arrangements may have been inadequate.
  • Maintains a programme of training and development on safeguarding vulnerable adults for staff across agencies in the statutory, independent provider and voluntary sectors.
  • Develops and promotes arrangements for adults at risk and carers to be well-informed about their safeguarding arrangements and provide opportunities for service users and carers to influence and feedback on their effectiveness
  • Promotes public awareness of safeguarding as an issue for all citizens and engage the wider community in helping to prevent abuse and neglect and to report where they have concerns.

Functions of the Board

“Providing good governance across the partnership agencies that work with adults at risk of harm”.

The functions of the Board are therefore;

Strategic planning – by agreeing shared priorities for improving outcomes for people at risk of harm

Setting standards and guidance – through agreed policies and procedures and protocols

Assuring quality – through activity reporting, data analysis, and learning lessons from case audit and case review, including Safeguarding Adults Reviews (previously Serious Case Reviews)

Promoting participation – of people who receive services, their carers, and advocates and agencies such as Healthwatch

Raising Awareness – particularly public awareness of how to recognise vulnerability and abuse, and how to report it

Building capacity and training – ensuring staff and volunteers working with people at risk have appropriate values and skills to assess and meet their needs

Relationship management – developing partnerships that respond in a joined up, person centred way to ensure good outcomes for each person who has experienced harm

Inter-Agency Working

The CSAB has developed a three year Strategic Plan 2017 -2020 which will be reviewed annually in light of emerging safeguarding issues, recommendations and priorities arising from the work of the Board.  The actions taken over the period of the plan aim to achieve continuous improvements in the effectiveness of the CSAB.

Key Themes and Action Plans

At the annual Development Day in 2016, the CSAB reviewed current working arrangements, and agreed the following Key priorities over the next year , these are incorporated within the Strategic Plan, which is reviewed and updated regularly.

  • Promoting self-referrals; informing people; checking out language used in information (links to service user work stream in Board strategic plan)
  • Commissioning focus including picking up on issues from the data regarding neglect
  • A continued focus on financial abuse/Scams
  • Continued focus on raising awareness in Black Minority Ethnic (BME) communities
  • Establishing a working relationship with Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Prevention:  focus on isolation (GPs)
  • Take forward partnership understanding and framework around working with risk
  • Issues around constructive mutual challenge/candour and transparency
  • Understanding of thresholds… need to establish shared understanding


The actions in this section of the report will be taken forward by themed committees, lead by senior strategic partners, that will report progress to the CSAB at its quarterly meetings and at the end of the year in the Croydon Safeguarding Adults Boards Annual Report.

Download a copy of the latest Annual Report here.