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Categories of Abuse

The primary focus for safeguarding is to promote well-being and prevent abuse and neglect happening in the first place, ensure the safety and well-being of anyone who has been subject to abuse or neglect, take action against those responsible and learn lessons and make changes; which will be achieved by putting the person at the very centre. Safeguarding is everybody’s business and with the new Care Act 2014 this can only strengthen the protection of vulnerable adults within Croydon.

Here you will find information on….

Discriminatory Abuse

Domestic Violence

Financial/Material Abuse

Modern Slavery

Neglect and acts of omission

Organisational/Institutional Abuse

Physical Abuse

Psycological/Emotional Abuse

Self Neglect or Self-Harm

Sexual Abuse

Click here to find out how to report a concern of abuse

If you are concerned about a child please visit cscb@croydon.gov.uk
To report a crime call the Metropolitan Police by phoning 101
In an emergency phone 999