Welcome to Croydon Safeguarding Adult Board (CSAB)

This website includes information on safeguarding vulnerable adults from abuse, and the work of the Croydon Safeguarding Adults Board.

There is also information on the Care Act 2014, and how this important piece of law protects vulnerable people who lack capacity to make certain decisions.

Safeguarding vulnerable adults is everyone’s business. It relies on people understanding and doing the following things;

  • being aware of the risks of abuse and neglect that vulnerable adults can face
  • being aware of what constitutes abuse
  • knowing what help is available
  • understanding their responsibilities
  • working together to report and investigate concerns
  • working together to prevent abuse and neglect

The Safeguarding Adults Board aims to ensure that organisations work together to achieve all of these things, in order to protect vulnerable adults.

This site aims to provide information for people who may experience, or be at risk of experiencing, abuse, for their families, carers, and anyone who works with people with health or social care needs.

The site will be maintained and up dated on a regular basis to ensure the information contained within it reflects the best possible information that is available.

To report a crime call the Metropolitan Police by phoning 101.

In an emergency phone 999